How to Check Axis Forex Card Balance [5 ways]

Axis Bank Forex Cards is one of the popular Forex Cards available in the market. It offers a range of benefits and can be useful for foreign travel. One of the common queries that you can have is how do you check the balance on the Axis Bank Forex Card.

How to Check the Balance in Axis Forex Card

You can check the balance on Axis Forex Card using any of the ways below:

  • Way 1- Log-in on Axis Bank Prepaid Card NetBanking with your Forex Card No. and Web Pin
  • Way 2- Check the Balance using Axis Mobile App
  • Way 3- By using Axis Bank SMS Facility.
  • Way 4- By Using Axis Bank ATM
  • Way 5- By calling Axis Bank on toll-free number- 1800 108 5577

All the ways can be convenient. However, it makes sense to use the online ways especially if you are checking from Foreign Country.

For the details of all these methods,

Check Below

Way 1- Check Balance on Axis Bank Internet Banking

You can check the balance on your Axis Bank Forex Card online by using the prepaid card netbanking facility. For this, you need the details of your Forex Card No. and your Web Pin which is usually provided in the Welcome Kit.

Way 2- Check Balance Using Axis Mobile App

Another way to check the balance is by installing Axis Mobile App on your mobile. This app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for Android devices or the Appstore for Apple Device.

Note to register on mobile App, you must have your mobile number registered with Axis Bank. Also, SIM of the same mobile number should be on the device which you are using to register on Axis Mobile App.

You can log in using either with mobile number and mPin. If you also have Axis Bank account, you can log in with your normal net banking user Id and password or Debit Card Details.

Way 3- Check Forex Card Balance by sending SMS

You can also get the balance on your Axis Forex Card simply by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number.

For this, send the following SMS on 5676782(from India) or +91 9717000002(from Abroad)

“TCCBAL(Space)(Last four digits of the Travel Currency card)” OR “MCCBAL(Space)(Last four digits of Multi-Currency Forex card)

Way 4-Check the Balance at any of the Axis Bank ATMs

You can check the balance on your Forex Card at any Axis Bank ATM before travel. For this purpose, you have to use Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is available in the welcome kit.

Using this card along with the PIN at any Axis Bank ATM, you can perform the following tasks:

a. Change the PIN of card

b. Check the balance on the card

Way 5- By Calling Axis Bank India Customer Care Toll Free Number

You can check the balance on your card by calling Axis Bank toll free number. The toll-free number provided by Axis Bank for Forex Card queries is 1800 108 5577.

You can follow the Interactive Voice Response Options below to check your balance. Select the highlighted options:

Dial 1- To report loss of Debit card or travel currency card

Dial 2- For information on NRI account

Dial 3- For information of Travel Currency Card

Dial 4- For queries

Dial 5- For debit card queries

Dial 5- For Ministry of External Affairs related queries

Dial 7 – For credit card related queries

NEXT STEP– Dial appropriate number based on your Forex Card Type

Dial 1- For info on Single Forex Currency Card

Dial 2- For info on Multi-Currency Forex Card


Please dial your Currency Card Number at this stage to get further details.

Axis Bank Forex Card Types

Axis Bank offers different types of Forex Cards considering the various needs of travellers. You can select the Forex Card based on the purpose of your travel.

  1. Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card
  2. Axis Bank World Traveller Forex Card
  3. Axis Bank Diners Card
  4. Axis Bank Single Currency Card
  5. Axis Bank India Travel Card

Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card

The Multi-Currency Forex Card gives you an option to load upto 16 currencies, These include currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, NZD, SEK, CHF, JPY, AED, SAR, HKD, ZAR, THB and DKK.

The balance maintained for each currency is considered a separate wallet.

You may choose to load a single, multiple or all wallets as per your requirement

Axis Bank Forex Card Emergency Contact Numbers

Following are the emergency contact numbers for your forex card related queries as listed in Axis Bank Website

India1800 108 55771800 108 5577
Hong Kong800-900-782800-966677
United Kingdon080-169-51890800-96-4767
United States1-866-765-96441-800-307-7309
Any Other part of the World61-2-925137041-636-722-7111

Axis Bank Customer Care

You can also call Axis Bank at their 24 Hours customer care number 91 40 6717 4100. To e-mail your queries, you can visit

How to get a refund or liquidate unused balance on the Axis Forex Card

If you have any unused balance on your card after your trip, you have the following options to liquidate the balance:

1. Maintain the balance: You can choose to let the balance on your card remain (up to USD 2000) or it’s equivalent as per RBI rules). This balance can then be utilized in any future trips abroad, till the expiry of the Card.

2. Get a refund: You can choose to surrender your Card and get a refund only from the outlet from where the card was purchased or from any Axis Bank Branch.

There are some conditions w.r.t getting a refund on Forex Card which are:

Please note you can encash the balance on the forex card only after your return to India.

Furthermore, the last transaction done on the Card should be more than 10 days prior to the date of encashment.

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